The merits of green coffee

Green coffee is an antioxidant 4 times stronger than green tea, thanks to the presence of chlorogenic acid. In fact it neutralizes the free radicals present in the human organism, counteracting cellular degeneration, and the development of chronic diseases such as cancer.

Green coffee is rich in methylxanthines (including caffeine), natural molecules that speed up the metabolism, increasing the percentage of fat burned.

In addition, green coffee counteracts diabetes: it slows down the release of glucose into the blood, reducing the absorption of sugar by the body.

green coffee emphasizes the effect of diets and / or physical activity, but used alone does not lose weight!

Diesel stimulator
In green coffee, caffeine is associated with chlorogenic acid. This results in a slower absorption of caffeine but also more continuous, without sudden changes.

For this reason green coffee, although containing less caffeine than black, has a better effect: it increases concentration and resistance, so it is recommended for students under examinations and athletes.

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