Goji berries: nutritional qualities

“Since ancient times the Tibetans appreciate its nutritional and therapeutic qualities. Himalayan populations are among the longest in the world! ”

Goji berries are small red fruits that have different nutritional qualities. Since time immemorial they represent an essential element of traditional Chinese medicine and, more generally, of the Asian territory.
The great collective interest is mainly due to the nutritional richness of these fruits and to the exclusivity of certain molecules contained in them. Goji Berries are powerful energizers and natural antioxidants; they strengthen the immune defenses and help prevent the premature aging of tissues. The vitamins of the group C and E contained protect against free radicals and oxidative stress. In addition, copper, iron, potassium and the mineral salts present in these miraculous berries regulate energy metabolism and increase muscle endurance. Finally, thanks to their low glycemic index and their high satiating power, Goji Berries are recommended in controlled diets aimed at weight loss for slimming down the figure. In short, a true source of youth and well-being!

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